1st Digital Mammography Patient!

At the beginning of August, NHS acquired full field digital mammography technology which is the breast cancer industry's best method of diagnosing breast cancer. It allows for better image quality, less radiation, 24-hour turnaround times for tests, quicker appointments and a strengthened continuum of care between your family doctor and the NHS radiologist.

Our first digital mammography patient, Nancy Villeneuve, knows and understands just how important these upgrades are and you should, too. Call to make your appointment today at 906.265.0463.

Left to right: Madeline Dennocenzo, RT(R)(M), Amanda Grunlund, RT(R)(M), Jenny Young, RT(R)(M), Nancy Villenueve, patient (blue shirt), Alicia Benson, RT(R)(M), Julie Beauchamp, RT(R) and Stacy O'Connor, Applications Specialist from Hologic, who was here training our team on how to use the new technology.