NHS Provides student athletes with pre-sports physicals & concussion screenings.

NHS provided both West Iron and Forest Park schools with donation-only sports physicals and free concussion baseline screens to prep their students for the 2012-2013 sports season.

Here, Victoria Harris-Hoogenboom, WIC Athlete, gets a pre-sports physical from Dr. Ansay, NHS Primary Care Provider.

Here, Kim Bjork, NHS PTA, works on Forest Park student Samantha Nylund. Kim is performing a balance screen (modified clinical test of sensory interaction on balance) on Samantha which is used as a baseline test to screen balance. It is a 4 part static standing test that measures postural sway in 4 different sensory conditions. If a patient was to suffer a concussion this test allows us to assess the affects the injury has on their balance and compare that to their baseline results. There is also computerized test portion that looks at memory, retention, reaction time, and attention.