Meet the HIM team

March housed National Health Information Week (formerly known as Medical Records) and the team celebrated by having refreshments for the entire NHS family available in their department.

The Health Information Management department is responsible for ensuring that health information is appropriately organized, complete and readily available for patient care. This involves many functions including transcribing medical reports, coordinating the disclosure of medical information, analyzing records for completeness, translating diagnoses into coded data and ensuring that the management of electronic health information meets quality standards.

This is a wonderful and hard-working team. Thank them for their hard work when you see them out-n-about.

Front Row: Jenny Jackson, HIM Specialist, Betty Weeks, Medical Transcriptionist & Peggy Bregger, Medical Transcriptionist.
Back Row: Amy Dahl, Coder II, Sophie Fabbri, Chart Analyzer, Karen Clements, Coder II, Renee Verville, Medical Transcriptionist, Jessica Schram, Coder II, Sandee Cummings, Medical Transcriptionist, Larry Wallace, Manager & Debbie Camps, HIM Specialist.