NHS Hosts Mock Car Accident for Forest Park Juniors & Seniors

NHS hosted a mock car accident for the benefit of the Forest Park junior and senior students. The car accident stemmed from texting and driving scenario and EMS Manager Tom Bucek, EMT-P, and County Sherriff Mark Valesano really put on an emotional show that we all hope the students took to heart and, therefore, have a safe summer.

NHS would like to sincerely thank the Alpha Fire Department, Amasa Fire Department, Crystal Falls Fire Department/Rescue, MI State Police and the Iron County Police for being on hand to make the mock car accident that much more real.

A special thank you goes out to the four students who allowed us to use them as the 'victims' for the demonstration. I wonder how long it took them to wash all of that crash make-up off?!

NHS EMS will be conducting these demonstrations every year alternating between Forest Parkand West Iron.