NORTHSTAR Health System has made staying overnight a little more pleasurable. NORTHSTAR purchased 25 brand new, state-of-the-art patient beds with a goal of providing our overnight patients with a more comfortable and safe night's sleep. The choice to upgrade our beds was patient-safety driven." said Nancy Ponozzo, MSN, Director of Clinical Practice.

"The new beds have fall-prevention technology and an internal computerized system that alerts the nurses of a change in the bed's position and indicates when a patient needs us."

According to Kathy Sartorelli, RN, Med/Surg Manager, "The new beds are advantageous for both our patients and our staff. The beds have an easy-access locking system, built-in scales and are very low to the floor. The mattress is made out of a gel that allows for greater comfort and decreases the risk of skin breakdown."

Other advantages include the nurse-point-of-care panel being located at the foot of the bed and a lighting system which indicates that all safety monitors are on. This new technology also allows for less patient disruption which results in faster healing times and increased rest for the patient. Patients also have easy access to a separate patient-control panel so that they can contact a nurse and make adjustments to their bed as needed.

Pictured above is the awesome crew the swiftly switched out the old and brought in the new without disruption:
(left to right): Andy Carlson, NHS Maintenance, Karen Fesnick, NHS Housekeeping, Marianne Raymond, NHS Housekeeping, Deb Uren, NHS Housekeeping, Kelly Lamers, NHS Housekeeping and Danny Stachowicz, NHS Maintenance Manager.