Where do you get your mammogram?

Need a reason to have you mammograms done at NHS? Here are 12.

We offer digital mammography technology which is the BEST method of screening for breast cancer.
We offer four professional and licensed mammography technologists.
We offer quick mammograms with less radiation.
We offer to retrieve your medical records so your switch to NHS is easy.
We offer same day to 24-hour results.
We offer additional testing such as a breast MRI and easy & non-invasive breast biopsy; if needed.
We offer cancer treatment and surgery; if needed.
We offer full-length terry cloth robes.
We offer easy-to-schedule appointments.
We offer very short appointment wait times - sometimes even the same day!
We offer a warm & private mammography room with relaxing music.
We offer this because it could save your life.

Join the hundreds of women who come to NHS for their mammograms. They're on to something.

Who needs a mammogram? The American Cancer Society recommends that women between the ages of 35 and 40 should have a baseline (first) mammogram performed. It further recommends that women 40+ have annual mammograms.

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