Who can we trust if we can't trust our friends and family? We are pleased to introduce our new 'NORTHSTAR Stories' - a personal way in which people can share their positive encounters with NORTHSTAR Health System providers and staff. Real people… real events… lives that were touched… and stories waiting to be told. Below are a few of their testimonials. Be sure to check back often because we have a long list of people who want to share their experiences with you.

Peggy - Medical Clinics

Roberta - Medical Clinics

John Waite - Orthopedics

James Krueger - Nutrition Services

Michelle Turner - Home Care & Hospice #1

Michelle Turner - Home Care & Hospice #2

Darlene Waino - Medical Clinics

Mary Kudwa - Diagnostic Imaging

Lornie Bendell - Physical Therapy

Kathy Sala - Colonoscopy

Mary Kay - Diabetes Education

Scott Gussert - Orthopedics & Physical Therapy

Pete Djupe - Orthopedics